Adhesive Backed Bumpers

Made of a permanently resilient polyurethane polymer formulated especially for its unique high coefficient of friction, non-slip, non-marring features, our self-sticking bumpers eliminate the need for screws, rivets, glue or any holes. An aggressive, high tack, pressure sensitive adhesive protected with an easy release liner makes application fast and easy.


  • Superb coefficient of friction and resistance to skidding
  • Non-staining and non-marring
  • Crack resistant and resilient
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Vibration and shock dampening
  • Easy “Peel-off” application
  • Custom shapes, sizes and colors

Typical Applications:

  • Spacers for cabinet doors, drawers and lids
  • Protection for chairs, walls, cabinet doors and sliding doors
  • Feet on bottom of all household and office appliances, telephones, pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, dispensers, computer terminals, keyboards, electronic cabinetry and many other devices
  • Pads, cushions or shock absorption for fans, small appliances and furniture
  • Guards between stacked glass and metal sheets

All measurements are in inches.

Part No Width / Diameter Height Description
RS8003 0.44 0.2 Hemispherical
RS8008 0.5 0.12 Tapered Square
RS8009 0.88 0.4 Recessed Circular
RS8014 0.81 0.52 Truncated Square
RS8017 0.7 0.38 Hemispherical
RS8018 0.5 0.23 Tapered Square
RS8023 0.81 0.3 Tapered Square
RS8112 0.5 0.14 Cylindrical
RSBS12 0.375 0.15 Hemispherical
RSBS24 0.81 0.12 Cylindrical
RSBS27 0.312 0.085 Hemispherical
RSBS33 0.5 0.15 Pyramid
RSBS5 0.5 0.06 Cylindrical
RSBS7 0.335 0.085 Hemispherical