Dynaflex® Spool Type Mountings

Lord® manufactures a variety of highly engineered products for all types of coupling applications, including elastomeric flexible, shear, spool, bushing, LCR and LCD couplings.

Elastomeric Flexible Couplings

Prolong driveline component life because they reduce the magnitide of imposed loads; attentuate vibration in multiple planes; accommodate misalignments in multiple planes; and act as barriers impeding noise created by meshing gears, engaging clutches, etc.

Shear-Type Couplings

Are compact, one-piece flexible couplings that isolate low-frequency vibration and accommodate multi-directional misalignment, resulting in longer service life, smoother, quieter operation, less maintenance, and lower cost for the end product. Multi-directional misalignment capabilities make them ideally suited for fractional horsepower drivelines demanding noise reduction, vibration isolation and maintenance-free operation. Typical applications include many small equipment driveline applications such as printer rollers, motor drives and card sorters for information systems; hospital bed actuator drives; dynamometer, tachometer and compressor drives lines.

Spool-Type Couplings

Are for low frequency vibration isolation in high torque drive systems. They are customer-assembled, using bonded flexing spools, bolted between customer-supplied metal hubs.

Shear Spool-Type Couplings

Provide excellent protection against destructive torsional vibration in high-torque drive systems.

Bushing-Type Couplings

Accommodate misalignment, cushion torsional shock, do not generate or transmit noise, and require no lubricant. Typical applications include driveline installations where multi-directional misalignment must be accommodated and torque loads are medium to high.

LCR Ring-Type Couplings

Featuring metal inserts bonded in an elastomeric ring, are excellent for angular misalignment, torsional vibration and shock protection. They have been developed to overcome numerous torsional problems associated with vehicular and industrial driveline systems. Typical applications include a wide range of rotary drive applications from lawn and garden tractors to large construction equipment, including U-joint replacement.

LCD-Type Couplings

Increase equipment life through vibration isolation, damping at resonance, shock protection, misalignment accommodation and noise reduction. Typical applications include a wide range of rotary drive applications--off-highway truck drivelines; auxiliary compressor drives on diesel locomotives; main drives of compressors, generators and transmissions; and accessories such as starters, fans, blowers, alternators and power take-offs.