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World Class Rivet Guns

S-B Industries will continue to supply the North American Industry with the best in class tools. Stay tuned for news on our new line of riveters and rivet nut setters.

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New Rivdom Cordless Riveter


New R1A2 Blind Rivet Tool


Power and performance in a cordless Riveter. Weighing only 3.4 lbs. the Rivdom riveter is capable of setting up to 3/16” blind rivets in all materials The 14.4V, lithion-ion battery charges in less than one hour. More...


The R1A2 continues the series of amazing strength-to-weight ratio riveters with a traction power of 4,158 lbs. and weighing only 3.84 pounds.  This heavy duty tool sets 3/16” and 1/4” standard and structural rivets in all materials. More...


RiveDrill™ Cordless/Electric Drill Attachment

S-B Group is also the U.S. Distributor for the innovative RiveDrill™.  This revolutionary drill attachment easily converts cordless, electric and pneumatic drills into blind rivet guns.