41M Series Pneumatic Rivet Guns

The new Lobster 41M series tools are Ultra-Lightweight yet very durable as major structural components are made with Magnesium. Long stroke is featured along with standard Lobster Ultra Jaws for longer life. The vacuum version features an on/off swivel air control with a mandrel collection tank. Both models are equipped with Lobster Tools' time tested ergonomic design featuring exclusive shockless operation for reduced vibration to the operator's hand.


  • Ultra-lightweight with use of Magnesium components
  • Right or left hand air intake valves
  • Soft Set shockless technology that offers ergonomically correct action to minimize risk of CTD's (cumulative trauma disorders)
  • Ultra jaws for longer life
  • Sets up to 3/16" standard rivets in all materials
  • Noise reducing muffler


ARV-041M Air Powered Riveter with Vacuum

Ultra Lightweight
Air Rivet Gun

ARV-041M Air Powered Riveter with Vacuum

Ultra Lightweight Air Rivet Gun

Rivet Gun with integrated vacuum system for mandrel collection operated by on/off swivel air device.