Machinery Mounts

Machinery Mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and isolate intermittent or continuous vibration for greater machine accuracy, longer service life, smoother operation and reduced maintenance.

Available in four types:

Lattice Mounts

For applications where disturbing frequencies are as low as 6 Hz. Lattice design provides a soft vertical spring rate combined with lateral stability. Typical applications include shakerscreens, sifters, rubber mills, air compressors and large engines/generators.

Chan-LT Mounts

Are recommended for machines where vertical disturbing frequencies are 600 cpm or higher. Elastomer-supported channel design features a soft vertical spring rate, incorporating built-in protection against metal-to-metal bottoming. Typical applications include separating and grading screens and shakeouts.

Leveling Mounts

Provide the ability to level equipment and machinery, offering a vertical natural frequency under maximum load of 12 Hz. Constructed of a neoprene elastomer, which resists oil, ozone and caustic materials, and a high-visibility yellow housing made of high strength steel.

Industrial Shockmounts

Efficiently control shock and structural noise transmission from heavy industrial machinery. Adjacent controls, sensitive instruments and precision machines are protected from impact disturbances which could hamper their performance. Worker comfort is increased, and building structures need less maintenance.

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