Product Overview Rivet Guns, Riveters, and Rivet Nut Setters



BZ series of riveters are German engineered and manufactured, high quality, durable tools for demanding applications.  BZ103A will set up to 3/16” rivets in all materials and BZ123A will set up to ¼” structural rivets in all materials. Both have integrated vacuum mandrel collection systems with high capacity mandrel collection tanks.

Cordless Electric

Rivdom and Rivdom 2 models are designed for convenient and durable placements of all sizes of standard and structural blind rivets.  Models  VT400 and VT402 succeed with 14.4v and 20v respectively lithium ion batteries for maximum productivity.  German engineering at an affordable cost.

Commercial - PAR Series

PAR series of tools offer high quality riveters for production use at a lower price point.  PAR01 is lightweight for applications up to 5/32”.  PAR02 is the most popular riveter capable of setting up to 3/16” in all materials and the PAR04 is the strongest for ¼” rivets including structural rivets.

Vertical, In-line

Model ZIR316 will set up to 3/16” rivets in all materials.  Hung from a counterbalance this tool offers the best ergonomic relief for vertical rivet placement.  A built in vacuum system hold the rivet in place while in a down position, then blows it out a tube into any receptacle for easy clean up.

Riveter Attachments

Drill attachments that easily convert cordless, electric and pneumatic drills into blind rivet guns allowing operators to set up to 14 rivets per minute and requiring just 6.6 pounds of pressure to operate.


Rivet Nut Setters

Pistol Grip

The VNG-703 rivet nut setter, designed and manufactured in Germany, uses spin-pull-to pressure engineering to set up to 5/16 or M8 rivet nuts in all materials.  The threaded mandrel, auto spin-on feature increases productivity and improves the ease of assembly for the worker.

Rivet nut setter attachment

Drill attachment that easily converts cordless, electric and pnaumatic drlls into blind rivet nut setters.  Inch an metric sizes available from 6-32 and M4 in any material, up to 5/16” or M8 sizes of aluminum thin wall style fasteners.