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After 45 years I am exiting the rep business. Thank you for the relationships and opportunities you have entrusted me with. Please contact these fine manufacturers directly. They are conscientious, creative and effective companies. I have been proud to represent them and would welcome any inquiries about their capabilities.

Rubber Parts and LORD® Vibration Isolators

Astro-Tex Company, Plano TX. www.Astrotex.com, 972-424-8707.
Standard and custom molded and extruded parts in all elastomeric materials.

Blind Threaded Inserts

AVK Industrial Products, Valencia CA. www.avkfasteners.com, 661-257-2329. A complete line of blind threaded inserts and studs manufactured in the USA plus installation tools. All materials, diameters up to ½-13/M12.


Rockford Spring Company, Rockford IL. www.rockfordspring.com, 815-968-3000. Extension, compression, torsion springs and wire forms. All materials in wire diameters .010” to .312”. Design, manufacturability and functional evaluation of every part prior to quoting.  


Morrissey Inc., Bloomington. MN. www.morrisseyinc.com, 952-888-4675. Short run and production stampings and assemblies. Laser cut prototypes, fast turnaround, low tooling cost, full secondary and finishing capabilities. FFL Class 7, SOT Class @ DDTC registered. 


TPI Arcade Inc., Arcade NY. www.tpicast.com,  585-492-0122. Specialized V-Process aluminum castings in quantities of 5 to 5000. Complex designs with no draft required, unlimited pattern life and low tooling costs. Thin wall with RMS 150 or better as cast finish. 

Forest City Castings Inc.  London, OT. www.forestcitycastings.com, 519-668-2999. Graphite permanent mold castings in zinc or aluminum. Volumes from prototypes to 25K EAU. High precision with low tooling costs. Part sizes up to 20” X 20” with RMS 125 as cast surface finish. All finish machining done in house.