Rivet Nut Setter Tools (VNG703)

The VNG series of rivet nut setters are for demanding applications at competitive price levels.  Designed and manufactured in Germany these Honsel-VVG Tools offer quick setting rivet nut cycles.  The spin-pull-to-pressure style of tool adjusts the necessary setting force allowing use in a variety of material thicknesses.  Parts and maintenance fully supported by S-B Industries Service Center with 30 years of experience maintaining pneumatic riveters and rivet nut setters.

The VNG-703 rivet nut setter, designed and manufactured in Germany, uses spin-pull-to pressure engineering to set up to 5/16 or M8 rivet nuts in all materials.  The threaded mandrel, auto spin-on feature increases productivity and improves the ease of assembly for the worker.


  • Used with aluminum, steel, or stainless steel blind rivet nuts
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles
  • Automatic threaded mandrel spin-on speeds assembly
  • Long stroke
VNG703 Rivet Nut Setter Specifications
Rivet Capacity #6, #8, #10, #1/4, #5/16-M3, M4, M5, M6, M8
Traction Power 4,496 lbs. 20,000 N
Stroke .354" 9mm
Weight 5.5 lbs. 2.5 kg
Working air pressure 80-100 psi 5-7 bar
Air Consumption 0.155 cu. feet 4.4 liter/rivet
Tool Dimensions L 10.63"
W 3.752"
H 14.65"
L 270mm
W 95mm
H 372mm
Frame Head D 0.945"
L 3.07"
D 24mm
L 78mm

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